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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you fix?

We specialise in a majority of popular smartphones such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei but we do also repair tablets. 

Physical damages such as a broken screen, damaged LCD, touch issues, flat battery or charging problems are all no problem for us. But if the issue is something internal, we will need time there's a high chance we can help! 

Where are the repairs done?

We are equipped to handle a majority of repairs from inside our Vehicle but if it is fine with you, we won't shy away from being offered a table within a home.

How long is the turnaround time?

This question depends on what you need repaired. Most repairs average on 30 minutes but sometimes more difficult repairs such as motherboard repairs like water damage or IC chip replacements can take from 2 days up to 2 weeks!

How do you calculate your callout charge?

Our callout fees are kept as low as possible. We only charge for the cost of fuel and the technicians time spend traveling. 

How much does this cost?

We currently have a price checker in development but in the meantime, please contact us on 027 MOBILES (0276624537) and we can help you with what you need to know!

What's your warranty?

Abolsutely! We offer a 100 day warranty on all components we install on your device. If you want to know more about our warranty, please head over to our Terms and Conditions page under About Us. 

Where are the parts coming from?

We have three suppliers. A majority of parts are coming to us locally to support New Zealand Businesses. We also have connections and suppliers coming from Hong Kong and lastly China. 

Do you have afterpay? 

No we don't, and likely will not. The reason why is we strongly disagree with the "Get now, pay later" ideology that they create.

A strong factor for why we do not is because these companies make 80-90% of their profits from penalising late payments. So fining people, who couldn't really afford a service to begin with doesn't seem that ethical to us.

What's the chance of the repair being completed?

Although we will do our best to repair all devices we cannot guarantee that all devices are fixable. In this case, we do charge a standard $45 fee for our time spent traveling out to the site.

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