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About Us

Founded in 2019, Tinker Mobile was created under the simple idea that we can do better.

The fact is, in New Zealand, the repairs industry is a widely unregulated market. We discovered this in 2014 when we were offered 3 different prices for the same repair. Nobody could clearly explain what was going on, so we knew we had to do something about that...

After the years to follow tinkering around in our family's phones, honing in our skills, we mastered our ability to provide an intricate service in a timely manner. With thousands of repairs under our belt, we are confident we can help answer your questions and fix your smart device. We don't doubt ourselves and our warranties prove it. We have nothing to hide but everything to show. 

Call now for an expert opinion on: 027 MOBILES

Meet The Team


Meet The Team


Auryn Denovan

Owner, Technician

Auryn has been passionate about technology from a young teenager and has developed this hobby into a career. Starting right from his very own bedroom to bringing you phone repairs done onsite. 

He has 5 years experience when working with iPhones and knows the ins and outs so he can help you with any question you might have.

Spencer McDowall

Marketing Director, Technician

Joining Tinker Mobile only a few months after launch, Spencer has teamed up with Auryn to assist him in building TinkerMobiles digital presence. After running multiple ecommerce stores, he identified a gap that needed to be filled. With background experience in Marketing / Sales, we saw Spencer as a good fit for Tinker and quickly got him onboard.

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