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  • Michael Rivers

Reviewing Aftermarket AirPod Pros. Are they actually good?

Product Review – Generic Aftermarket AirPods Pro Headphones

At first glance, the imitation AirPod Pros look and feel like the real deal.

The packaging it ships with feels and looks like it should. The only give away between the Aftermarket and Genuine is the charger case hinge and the weight of the earpieces themselves. The charger case has that classic “Made in China” quality to the materials used as it feels like cheap plastic, however the functionality of the case is uncompromised.

Besides its flimsiness and being substantially lighter than the real thing, the way the hinge achieves its tactile magnetic click when closing might just make you forget that it’s not a genuine apple product.

If you look closely, you can see the text written under the headphones slightly vary...

-Now, let’s get into the Meat of this Review-

You came here to know about the sound quality, fidelity and functionality.

Straight out of the box, I was able to connect and pair them to my iPhone with use of the pair button located on the case. I encountered no issues when pairing and it took a matter of seconds for my device to find them.

However, when listening to music whilst my phone was in the pocket of my jeans, approximately 50 or so centimetres away from the AirPods I experienced intermittent pairing issues between the two pieces. This occurred infrequently and didn’t disrupt my experience too much. The equalisation of the Aftermarket Airpods and the frequency emitted from the transducers was lacklustre, but for the cheap price of roughly '30$ online' and that fact I got them for free as a test product, I’m not too surprised. As a final note on the functionality, the noise cancellation feature is non-existent on these bad boys.

All in all, the representation of the bass frequencies are a bit muddy, the mid frequencies sit very low in the mix and sometimes the higher frequencies can distort at higher volumes. Price to performance wise I would give these a 5/10

In Summary:

A cheap alternative to apples overpriced AirPods that perform surprisingly okay at a low price.


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